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Shopping List

  • FT Ripe Banana 4
  • FT Honey 4 Tbsp
  • FT Vegan Chocolate 200g
  • Soya Cream 100ml
  • Roast Pistachio's 100g

In Brief

FairTrade Baked Chocolate Bananas (Vegan)

Really easy to make here guys. Just start by slitting you banana down the middle but don’t cut all the way through, crack your chocolate up and stuff it in the slit and drizzle with a bit of honey before wrapping up in a piece of foil and baking in a pre-heated oven (180 degrees celcius) for 15 minutes.

To serve you can be a bit fancy and add some soya cream and some roasted pistachio nuts but this is optional, it’s delicious ether way.