Rosemary Tea and Rocket Stoves


Jenny HowellsMalcom CEWFS

We’re well into spring, and this can clearly be seen if you pop down Riverside Community Garden Project, where the daffs are making an appearance in style!

Today myself and Jenny joined forces and fired up the rocket stove. For those of you who are unaware of what a rocket stove is you need to be introduced to Malcolm, the guru of these fire breathing cookers! Malcom runs CEWFS (Creative Ethical Wood Fuel Systems) which is basically outdoor cookers and he makes these with left over and unused parts like tin cans or washing machine drums.

The stoves have to be seen to be believed, I managed to cook up a big lunch for 15 in a jiffy and even had enough time for a cup of beatiful rosemary tea while I was at it!

If you’ve not yet visited the allotments you must make a trip, there’s lots of exciting project going on for all interests from cooking to building and planting to weeding. It’s a great day out! see more pics on my Flickr Photo Stream.