Project Grow


Let me introduce my latest plan, “Project Grow!” I’ve always dreamt of being able to supply my kitchen with produce grown on site and it wasn’t until meeting the fabulous, super incredible human being Steffan I believed that it was possible. Steffan is the organic vegetable grower and wants to use his expertise at EthicalChef HQ and start growing fruits and vegetables!

festival rebootHe’s not only an incredible vegetable grower, he also runs his own ethical business Festival Reboot where he collects unwanted wellies from Glastonbury Festival turning the damaged ones into functional items and the undamaged ones off to be used in 3rd world countries through the Small Steps Project. The guy is basically a hero so we’re going to be starting a blog together where Steffan will be showing you how to grow your own!

Blog post 1 – “The Journey Begins” – 03/04/16

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