Project Grow #2


“It has a name, it has a location and it has life.”

The Warren

The Warren is born and getting off to a great start, similar to the rapid growth of all our lovely vegetables. Our main issue now is running out of space to grow more!

We made our first seed order from Tamar Organics a few months ago. To receive that box full of seeds in the post was an exciting day for both Deri and I. It was amazing to imagine that inside that box – smaller than a shoe box – was the potential to feed so many people healthy fresh green vegetables.

The plants are now established well. We have a variety of different Brassicas growing on our patch of land. And a variety of herbs, spinach, chard and salads on our rooftop garden.

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Unfortunately we lost most of our Purple Sprouting Broccoli due to the potential risk of club root (Plasmodiophora brassicae). This generally occurs when there hasn’t been a strict rotation on the land. Brassicas (the cabbage family) need a 3 year gap on a patch of ground before you can grow them there again. Legumes (Peas and Beans) are great for putting nitrogen back into the soil, so these crops are a perfect option to grow in the gap years on a previous Brassica patch.

We now have 5 different types of mint growing, which we aim to use in our Gin Bar at The Warren. If you want to try one of our Gin Cocktails, you can make a pledge on our Crowdfunder Page, and receive an exclusive Taster Evening ticket.

“The rain may dampen the ground, but it will not dampen our spirits!” – I live by this motto – it’s needed in South West Wales.

Happy Growing Everyone!