The Pot Cafe: Cornbread

In Brief

Prep Time : 15 minutes

Cooking Time : 30 minutes

Serves : 8

This Recipe was given by Nat from The Pot Cafe, Cardiff

“My favourite cafe was in San Francisco and was called Dotties True Blue. They had about 10 variations on traditional cornbread, ranging from black eye bean to fresh mango cornbread. I lived around the corner from this place. Its in a pretty run down area, but the queue would start there and run a block and a half! This was their basic recipe.”

Shopping List

  • Butter: 75g
  • Chilli: deseeded
  • Polenta: 200g
  • Self Raising Flour: 150g
  • Baking Powder: 1 Tbsp
  • Salt: 1 Tbsp
  • Sweetcorn: 2 cobs husked
  • Eggs: 2 large
  • Yoghurt: 150ml
  • Wholemilk: 150ml
  • Cheddar: 25g

Cooking Instructions

  1. Preheat oven to 190 degrees celsius
  2. Add butter to frying pan and melt
  3. Add chilli and fry until soft
  4. In a bowl mix flours, bake powder, salt and pepper
  5. Mix in all of the corn
  6. In a 2nd bowl blend buttermilk/yoghurt, milk and eggs. Don’t over mix or it will separate.
  7. Stir in butter and chilli
  8. Mix well and add to a warm oven proof dish, about 8in by 12 in, which has been well greased.
  9. Sprinkle cheddar on top.
  10. Bake for 30 mins!

Tip: if you want buttermilk, add a small capful of malt vinegar to regular milk!!

“The Pot Cafe” is a delicious little cafe on the outskirts of Cardiff. Thank you very much for your recipe donated to us for National Vegetarian Week.