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Barefoot RunningYes it’s true, Deri is running The London Marathon 2015 absolutely and completely barefoot to raise money for Concern – Fighting the war against world hunger. Deri needs to raise £2000 before being accepted to the start line so please spare any pennies you might have. We do have a few fundraising events in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled and make sure you are signed up to the mailing list so you don’t miss out.

Why Barefoot? let him tell you;
“I’ve always had problems with my knees and been advised not to run. At the beginning I was using this as an excuse to not exercise and my physical and mental health was suffering because of it. When I could see how good running made my family and friends feel I had to work out why I “couldn’t” run.

Naive as I was, I didn’t think there was a wrong or right way to run until reading my first book on Barefoot Running. I found that the source of my problem was what I was wearing on my feet! I believed trainers were invented to help you run but from my experience they had been forcing me to run in a way that was causing me injuries through bad posture and poor technique.

Barefoot running has retaught me how to run, the way we evolved running, to feel the ground and listen to my body while doing it. It has been a huge turning point in my running and personal life as it is my key to injury free and enjoyable running.

I’ve managed to find a way to turn something that caused me misery and pain into something so wonderful it gives me huge amounts of energy and all I really did was take off my shoes!”

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